Event #68 - Special Startups in Africa

Special ****Startup in Africa**** .

Umba Junior Tandu Umba Junior Tandu, Be You & Shop (Belgium) - Facebook lite shop Umba Junior Tandu SlideShare Comment
Gerald Abila Gerald Abila, BarefootLaw (Uganda) - A curious tale of using technology and innovation to provide free legal assistance. Gerald Abila SlideShare Comment
Alloysius Attah Alloysius Attah, FarmerLine (Ghana) - The HOT INFO line for farmers to better work & sell, increasing their revenues by 50%. Alloysius Attah SlideShare Comment
Hervé Lisoir HervĂ© Lisoir, Responsible for the African Development Prize - King Baudouin Fondation Hervé Lisoir SlideShare Comment
Stephane Ugeux Stephane Ugeux, (Belgium) Stephane Ugeux SlideShare Comment
Tonee Ndungu Tonee Ndungu, Kytabu (Kenya), providing affordable ebooks to schools, solving school material issues. Tonee Ndungu SlideShare Comment
African Development Prize African Development Prize, King Baudouin Foundation African Development Prize SlideShare Comment
Khadijat Abdulkadir Khadijat Abdulkadir, « Africa & Belgium : sharing common challenges?» Khadijat Abdulkadir SlideShare Comment
Event #67 Special WOMEN in TECH

Special ****WOMEN in TECH**** 

Loubna Azghoud Loubna Azghoud SlideShare Comment
Didier Gosuin Didier Gosuin SlideShare Comment
Ioana Matei Ioana Matei SlideShare Comment
Silvia Steisel Silvia Steisel SlideShare Comment
Candice Nagel Candice Nagel SlideShare Comment
Laura Jacobs Laura Jacobs SlideShare Comment
Sophie Hofman Sophie Hofman SlideShare Comment
Event #66 SPECIAL How to be a Entreprendre with Le Reseau Entreprendre Belgium


Event #65 Guest Speaker: Joris Noreillie CFO for startups

Register now!

Next BetaGroup on Tuesday the 21st of March 2017 at 18:30 @Flagey (Studio4, doors open @ 18:00).

Happy fruitful day!

Julie Cruyt & The BetaGroup Team.

PS: Stay tuned on our YouTube channel,  Facebook & Twitter.

sebastien doyen sebastien doyen, Visiturn SlideShare Comment
michel de kemmeter michel de kemmeter, 7 D-VALUE SlideShare Comment
laurent pirard laurent pirard, WISDOC SlideShare Comment
jean-pierre SNYERS jean-pierre SNYERS, iwilll SlideShare Comment
Joris Noreillie Joris Noreillie, CFO for startups SlideShare Comment
Event #64 Guest Speaker: Louis Jonckheere, Co-Founder Showpad

Louis Jonckheere Louis Jonckheere, Co-Founder & Co-Ceo - Showpad Louis Jonckheere Comment
Carl Bouckaert Carl Bouckaert, Elixir - Solutions Carl Bouckaert SlideShare Comment
Jo Van Oosterwyk Jo Van Oosterwyk, SpareSpace Jo Van Oosterwyk SlideShare Comment
Pierre Maes Pierre Maes, Puzme App Pierre Maes SlideShare Comment
Vanessa Davin Vanessa Davin, PLEEZMEE Vanessa Davin SlideShare Comment
Event #63 Guest Speaker: Thierry Geerts - New Trends for 2017

Tech Trends in 2017, a snap shot by BetaGroup Tech Trends in 2017, a snap shot by BetaGroup SlideShare Comment
Thierry Geerts - Google Thierry Geerts - Google, NEXT TECH TRENDS in 2017, a quick snap shot presentation Thierry Geerts - Google SlideShare Comment
Alexandre de Pret Alexandre de Pret, SkipQ - Save time & shop local Alexandre de Pret SlideShare Comment
Pierre-yves Bossard Pierre-yves Bossard, Eventer - Stream your event Pierre-yves Bossard SlideShare Comment
Philippe Back Philippe Back, LocalRepair - Experts close to you Philippe Back SlideShare Comment
Jean-cedric Bienfait Jean-cedric Bienfait, AdditValue - Weathering the storm with AdditValue Jean-cedric Bienfait SlideShare Comment
Event #62 Guest Speaker: Karim Slaoui, 20th October 2016 @DigitalFirst

Fail Forward: TakeEatEasy, COO Karim Slaoui interviewed by Julie Cruyt on « How TakeEatEasy, one of the most promising 2016 Startup, got bankrupt!" + Doe’s & Don’ts during the scale-up process » 

Karim Slaoui Karim Slaoui, TakeEatEasy Comment
Event #61 Guest Speaker: Michel Akkermans 20th October 2016 @Tour&Taxis

Michel Akkermans has been interviewed by Julie Cruyt on his secret sauce to be successful as one of the big (if not the biggest!) Business Angels/Private smart money Investor in Belgium. The interview has been preceeded by a quick overview by Rodolphe d'Udekem d'Acoz from on "How to Finance your Startup". You can find Rodolph's presentation in the Slideshare here enclosed.

Rodolphe d’Udekem d’Acoz Rodolphe d’Udekem d’Acoz, How to finance your startup SlideShare Comment
Michel Akkermans Michel Akkermans, Serial Entrepreneur, Board Member & Investor Comment
Event #60 Guest Speaker (Alain Hubert, Extreme Belgian Entrepreneur)+ demo session: Alain Hubert 14th September 2016 @Flagey

Alain Hubert (THE Belgian Explorer) has shared with us his experience as an Inspiring Entrepreneur, trying to change the world.

Then three Startups demonstrated their applications. Afterwards participants were all invited to meet, greets & share their ideas and network within the Tech Community, Business Angels and Investors with a good glass of Chivas!

+ Videos of Alain Hubert's interview and the Startups presentations (Look, Elymentz & Tapmeet) soon on our YouTube Channel


Donald Staar Donald Staar, LOOK - ASK ANYONE TO BE YOUR WEBCAM Donald Staar Comment
Cédric Constant CĂ©dric Constant, A simpler way to get together with friends Cédric Constant Comment
Nikhil Sharma Nikhil Sharma, Elymentz Nikhil Sharma Comment
Alain Hubert Alain Hubert, Alain Hubert, The Belgian Explorer Alain Hubert Comment
Event #59 | Brice Le Blevennec (EMAKINA) + Kantify, Konecton, GetMaker, MoodMe & VideTonStock

Our guest speaker Brice Le Blévennec is sharing with us "How a Startup can calculate its ROI" (Return On Investment). These kind of information are essential for any Startups approaching serious clients and investors. Coming up with brand new value propositions don't make it easy for Startups to find their right KPI (Key Indicator Performance). (See his presentation deck/SlideShare for more info)

You wil find here below a video interview with Brice on his early passion for tech and digital and how he sees digital marketing moving forward.

+ 5 selected Startups prensenting their applications.


Gary Gaspar Gary Gaspar, GetMaker: Gary Gaspar, Co-Founder Gary Gaspar Comment
Chandra de Keyser Chandra de Keyser, MoodMe: Chandra de Keyser, Co-Founder - CEO Chandra de Keyser Comment
Denis Massart Denis Massart, VideTonStock: Denis Massart, Co-Founder Denis Massart Comment
Luc-Andre Delacuvellerie Luc-Andre Delacuvellerie, KONECTON: Luc-Andre Delacuvellerie, Founder Luc-Andre Delacuvellerie Comment
Nik Subramanian Nik Subramanian, KANTIFY: Nik Subramanian, Managing Partner Nik Subramanian Comment
Brice Le Blévennec Brice Le BlĂ©vennec, Guest Speaker: Brice Le Blevennec, CEO EMAKINA Brice Le Blévennec SlideShare Comment

The 1st of June, Jeremy Le Van spoke about his Sunrise’ Success Story  before the BetaGroup Community. He shared his experiences and the do’s & don’ts, what we should follow to be successful in the US. (*Sunrise has been acquired in 2015 by Microsoft for 100 millions dollars)

Then 5 early stage startups will demonstrate their applications. Afterwards participants are invited to meet, greet & share their ideas and network within the Tech Community, Business Angels and Investors.  

Christiaan Huizer Christiaan Huizer, Founder Place.Guru Christiaan Huizer SlideShare Comment
Andras Beneth Andras Beneth, CEO SpeakerHub Andras Beneth SlideShare Comment
Michel Tombroff Michel Tombroff, CEO JACK (ex CEO Softkinetic) Michel Tombroff SlideShare Comment
Sébastien Pochet SĂ©bastien Pochet, Marketing Manager, Gentis Recruitment Sébastien Pochet SlideShare Comment
Michael Van Cutsem Michael Van Cutsem, CEO Helpigo. Business Coach & Client partner Michael Van Cutsem SlideShare Comment
Jeremy Le Van Jeremy Le Van, Head of Design, Microsoft (co-Founder Sunrise) Jeremy Le Van SlideShare Comment

The 21st of April, Maxime Dupont came before the BetaGroup Community and spoke about "Hacking your life". The here below video is guiding you on how to Hack on Twitter & Facebook. Enjoy! (also available on our BetaGroup YouTube Channel

Then 5 here below early stage startups demonstrated their applications. Afterwards participants were invited to meet, greets & share their ideas and network within the Tech Community, Business Angels and Investors. 

Aline Muylaert Aline Muylaert, CitizenLab pitch by Co-Founder, Aline Muylaert - A Citizensourcing platform for cities Aline Muylaert SlideShare Comment
Raphaël De Borman RaphaĂ«l De Borman, Panorame pitch by CEO Raphael De Borman - Breathtaking places deserve more than a selfie ! Raphaël De Borman SlideShare Comment
Thibaut Nyssens Thibaut Nyssens, Gnoothi pitch by CEO Thibaut Nyssens - Discover who you really are ! Thibaut Nyssens SlideShare Comment
Sidar Ok Sidar Ok, Vividoctor pitch by CEO Sidar Ok - Virtual Visits to Real Doctors Sidar Ok SlideShare Comment
Juan David Mendieta Juan David Mendieta, Elium pitch by CEO Juan David Mendieta - Technology for social change... Juan David Mendieta SlideShare Comment
Bruno D'Hulster Bruno D'Hulster, Mentor Comment
Claire Munck Claire Munck , Financing early stage innovative companies Comment
Maxime Dupont Maxime Dupont, Interview guest speaker Maxime Dupont, CEO MMD Holding - How to hack your life Maxime Dupont SlideShare Comment
Event #56 Startup pitches

On Monday 14th of March 2016 at 6:30PM, Our Guest Speaker Omar Mohout and 5 early stage startups did a demo of their applications. Afterwards participants were invited to meet, greets & share their ideas and network within the Community and with Investors.

Patricia Peetroons Patricia Peetroons, Tooday pitch by CEO Patricia Peetroons - Book a 1-2h hotel room around you ! Patricia Peetroons SlideShare Comment
Simon Sarazin Simon Sarazin, Simon Sarazin, CEO of 7D Value - Creating Value for Excellence Simon Sarazin SlideShare Comment
Kevin Tillier Kevin Tillier, Kevin Tillier, Co founder of Nosco #Elearning - Learn by adapting Kevin Tillier SlideShare Comment
Adrien van den Branden Adrien van den Branden, Adrien van den Branden, Founder of Lexy - Management is easy ! Adrien van den Branden SlideShare Comment
Vincent Dehousse Vincent Dehousse, Vincent Dehousse, Co-founder of Pharmily - For a Better Health ! Vincent Dehousse SlideShare Comment
Omar Mohout Omar Mohout, Omar Mohout, Siiris & Growth engineering - Belgium Startup ecosystem Omar Mohout SlideShare Comment
BetaGroup Event #55 – Startup pitches
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